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An Evening with Deca & Triple Deca Ironmen

Last Monday evening, Enrico Varella organized a sharing session with Singapore’s only Deca-Ironman Dr Kua Harn Wei, and Triple-Deca-Ironman Wayne Kurtz at the Hotel Bayview. Phenomenal athletes; who’s achievements put alot of these triathlons to shame – ‘World’s… Continue reading

Why you should be interested in Big Data in Professional Cycling

Below is a summary of the topics to be highlighted in our FREE 16 page ebook – ‘Innovations in Cycling Science through ‘Big Data’ – HERE . Huge investment will go into this area… Continue reading

Yellow Jersey Training: What we have learnt from Cycling’s Greats [2/4]

In the first post we looked at Eddy Merckx – the Cannibal and considered to be the greatest cyclist ever – Fausto Coppi – 5 time Giro, 2 time Tour de France & World Champ,… Continue reading

First Ever Brutal Deca Solo Challenge – Exclusive Interview

‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ This is the extraordinary account of why BrutalEvent’s Claire Smith, in her own words, will swim the English Channel, cycle from Lands End to John O’ Groats and finally run… Continue reading

Dear Lance, Deca Ironman for Livestrong

No fancy photos in this one. Just a simple letter readers. Dear Lance, This letter is not addressed to the media, public, or world of cycling. I hope you can appreciate the need… Continue reading

Drafting a Deca Ironman Training Plan – Part 1: A frank account at the start line

[Please note there is a little bit of self reflection below. This isn’t to look good (most of it looks bad anyway) but is more an honest statement of where I am and… Continue reading

Deca Ironman bike – Boardman SLR 9.4

  As I am riding the Celtman Triathlon – up the stunning but harsh Torridon mountains – followed by 9 days in North East England along the The Grand Depart 2014 (start of Tour de France) route,… Continue reading

Top 10 inspiring cycling/triathlon videos for training

A focused indoor cycling session, such as those provided by Athlete Lab in Singapore/Sydney/London, is not complete without something for you to block out the pain, grit your teeth & get a new personal best!… Continue reading

Yellow Jersey Training – What we have learnt from Cycling’s Greats – Part 1/4

                                  ‘If you wish to be out front, then act as if you were behind’  – Lao-Tzu,… Continue reading

Competing in Deca Ironman to demonstrate cardiac damage from (ultra) endurance sport

I must admit balancing training, full time work, starting up a website and perhaps the occasional bit of social life has been a little tricky. However, this is not to make excuses and… Continue reading