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Joining the ‘Fight Club’ of cycling @AthleteLabSG

When I joined up to Athlete Lab I was intrigued by the session entitled ‘Fight Club’. The session description is as follows: ‘These intervals are designed to take you well into your anaerobic zones (dark… Continue reading

Top 10 cycle climbs in Britain-Why to train @AthleteLabLDN this January

This morning (and about an hour ago…) I got the true blunt trauma of Athlete Lab’s hill interval training or ‘New Castle Pain’ as it was known. BUT my progress has been staggering… Continue reading

AWOL film on Transcontinental Bike Race

‘Melons, Trucks & Angry Dogs’ – Part 1 Just got tweeted this today by @Pollyhound Love it! This was the race I took part in August. Funny enough I feature at 1.44; seemingly… Continue reading

‘Trial by Fire’ FTP test @athletelabSG

So I was warned this would be painful….perhaps a little tough…..what I didn’t expect was in the last 30secs (as you will see from the video above) is that I quite frankly didn’t… Continue reading

Deca Ironman Challenge gets featured in the Telegraph by James Cracknell

Original article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/10472742/James-Cracknell-my-recommended-brain-injury-charities.html James Cracknell: my recommended brain injury charities @JamesCracknell Had bike crash 2yrs ago & helmet saved me, fundraisin in DecaIronman decaironman-training.com/2013/11/18/1strecommended charities? @NWlongworth I think I should be recommending you a therapist rather… Continue reading

5 Reasons Cyclists Should Start Indoor Cycling

A perspective from Singapore – You’re a road cyclist in a small nation. It’s mostly flat, with a highest natural point of 166 metres. The weather is ok if you don’t get caught… Continue reading

World’s Top 10 Extreme Triathlons – Let me know what events I missed!

With all these training for the Deca Ironman in June for some sick reason you always think what’s next? Well here was a quick list that I had stored in an old saddle… Continue reading

1st of 10 Ironman distance routes confirmed for June 2014

Application accepted for the third edition of the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon, taking place on June 28th 2014 in Wester Ross, Scotland. It is centred around the stunning Torridon mountains, with the 3.6km… Continue reading

Athlete Lab Lactate Threshold Training – building for the Deca Ironman

“For the longest time, everyone focused his or her training around max heart rate. Now we know lactate threshold is much more important. When you raise your LT, you can produce more power… Continue reading

The Hurt Locker

And thus it begins. As I begin my research proposal, the training has begun in Athlete’s Lab website here, an indoor bike studio with realtime analysis on my training output. I know what… Continue reading