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How social media comments can support funding for a unique Triathlon conference

Dear Readers, Thank you for all your views, comments and shares over the last two weeks. I look forward to updating you on my Deca Ironman training as we enter the New Year… Continue reading

An open letter to riders considering the World Cycle Race

Ladies & Gentleman, if you want a bigger bike race, find a bigger planet. Quite frankly today I felt quite inspired by the tales of the 5th rider to join this fantastic endeavor.… Continue reading

Lance Armstrong’s Pro Masters Unsanctioned Race – Who will win?

This is one for the keen triathletes out there. If you haven’t been keeping up to date with this developing story, back in 2012 Chris McCormack called Lance Armstrong out to race (see… Continue reading

World’s Top 10 Extreme Triathlons – Let me know what events I missed!

With all these training for the Deca Ironman in June for some sick reason you always think what’s next? Well here was a quick list that I had stored in an old saddle… Continue reading