The world's toughest sport

The world’s toughest sport

Consider the majority. Most people find it hard to make the time or energy to work out at all, let alone train for a gruelling endurance race – whether that’s a marathon, ultra marathon, Ironman triathlon, Race Across America – events which quite frankly will mean day after day self-inflicted suffering over monumental distances across the toughest terrain.

It therefore begs the question: how do they do it? Why do they do it?

Many endurance athletes say there is nothing special about their physical abilities – it is merely their mental outlook, they want a challenge, they want to explore their limits. And from this we have a sporting history filled with endless tales of will power, sheer determination and legendary pain.

In tribute to this, and alongside the latest news in elite endurance competition, we have set up www.decaironman-training.com to explore how and why athletes compete in the toughest sporting events in the world. We look at the merciless training routines, describe the latest sports science, and interview the most badass sportsmen & women we can assemble. Bored in your modern, convenient, unremarkable 9-5 life? Why not get some ideas on how (and why) to escape the office with the most extraordinary examples of endurance competition from around the world? Sign up to our monthly newsletter – HERE – and have a damn good adventure (with lots of satisfying pain).

Want to tell our readers about a race/challenge/adventure which exhibits remarkable courage, grit, stubbornness and fitness? It could even just be plain crazy! Why not email me at decaironmantraining@gmail.com? Or leave a comment below!

[Note for those readers who viewed the last ‘About’ page and my Deca Ironman challenge (plus cardiac damage study); I have joined a cycling development program in New Zealand (I can’t hide my excitement) so not 100% sure on my plans for June/July. Don’t worry I will stick my neck out and do a race across NZ or something in the coming months (don’t want to be boring or be all talk & no action!) just juggle some ideas. As for the Deca, it’s still on the list….soon!]