Constant Attacks & Never Quitting; ‘Shut Up, Legs!’ Why we changed our name

Image taken, blatantly, from my punishing indoor cycling gym - Athlete Lab [click image]

Image taken, blatantly, from my punishing indoor cycling gym – Athlete Lab [click image]

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Jens Voigt doesn’t have a Nike deal, he’s not blabbing on EuroSport or strutting around on the cover of Vogue.

Voigt is not your typical sports icon. He finished the 2013 Tour de France in 67th place almost 2hours 15 minutes off the leaders. But when Trek Factory signed the oldest rider, 42, in the peloton for their charge on GC at the Tour de France with Frank Schleck, they acquired a wealth of experience and attacking  furiosity. This is the rider you want to put at the front of a breakaway group; he puts the agonizing horsepower in, inflicting punishment; always enduring, always suffering.

Jens Voigt SufferingThat’s not to say he hasn’t won big races. He is considered one of the best “Rouleur” riders to this day and has won stages in the Tour de France, Giro; stage races like the Critérium InternationalDeutschland Tour and Tour Méditerranéen ; as well as classics. Even in his later seasons, Voigt continues to win ‘Most Aggressive Rider’ awards. He is adored because in a world where the top riders are uninterruptedly conservative, watching each other, avoiding risks, sending out their domestiques to cover attacks; he riders his bike like it’s his last day on it. It’s Voigt’s suffering that clinches his popularity. Cycling fetishizes pain—the more agony a rider can withstand, the more their legend grows. Voigt is a beautiful sufferer, merciless, always digging deep and emptying the tank.

His biography is aptly titled Man muss kämpfen (One has to fight).

This man’s grit is legendary and there is even a website with Chuck Norris-type tributes. (“Jens was a math prodigy in elementary school, putting “Attack!” in every blank space on all his tests. It would be the wrong answer for everybody else, but Jens is able to solve any problem by attacking”). In the 2010 Tour de France after crashing on the descent of the Col de Peyresourde and with the team cars long gone and bike totaled, the German borrowed a kid’s bike for around 15 kilometers, until he reached his spare bike……that’s a fact, not a website jens voigt painquote. In 2011 at the Tour of California he rode two stages with a broken hand…..the list goes on.

This website is a tribute to these competitors. To grit, determination, stubborness and hard training. It is a tribute to the toughest sports in the world – mostly articles on cycling but we will touch on ocean rowers, ultra marathon runners, channel swimmers, bear wrestlers. [About section]

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