Tour of Flanders Drinking Game

Wiggins drinking

Well it is Sunday after all. If you have just smashed out a morning ride and fancy something a little harder than espresso, here is a drinking game to share for the big race. Do note, through lack of confirmation on British Eurosport commentator line-up – although it will probably involve Sean Kelly – I have choosen David Harmon as my commentator. Please replace as appropriate.

Tour of Flanders Drinking Game presented by (got to have a little fun!)

  • Each participants picks a cyclist to win. If that cyclist drops out of the race you are on waiter duty for the rest of the race.
  • Each time David says “Dancing on the Pedals”, take a drink.
  • Each time David calls a rider “Boy”, take a drink
  • Each time David says “And he’s popped”, open a new bottle, fill everyone’s glass and take a drink.
  • Each time Sean says “He has done his job” take a drink
  • Each time Sean says “Going over the top” take a drink
  • Every time you see a rider toss a bottle to the side of the road, throw away all empties.
  • Every time you see a rider fall on a climb take a drink; if said rider carries his bike up finish your drink
  • Every time you see a rider go back to his team car and load his jersey up with bottles for his team, make a run to the fridge for the room.
  • Every time there is a random fact on a town they are passing through build a four level castle out of playing cards without it falling; penalty to be choosen by strongest rider if it falls.
  • Every time Sean criticizes a rider for wasting too much energy; stand up until the next drink. Last one to stand up finishes their drink
  • Every time you see a rider carrying the team’s water bottles you may go for a toilet break
  • Every time the camera focuses on a speedometer to show how fast the cyclist is going – Waterfall!
  • Final sprint, drink till they finish

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