What’s your most pressing question in endurance sport training?

Definitely have to write a post on 'Tower running'

Definitely have to write a post on ‘Tower running’

So you might have already signed up to our newsletter (if not you can HERE) and thanks for that. You would have read some good tips for your endurance training, ultra cycling or marathon running. Plus I hope you enjoyed some posts on the latest science and trends in endurance competition.

Right now, I want you to do two things.

Thing #1

Drop me a quick, short email (decaironmantraining@gmail.com)- can even be a subject line – on what you want answered in your endurance sport training. It may be what should I be eating for a marathon help training and promote recovery, or how can I train for a 50mile ultra when I am working full time? What’s the advantages of cross-training? How many recovery days should I take after a half marathon?

Whatever it is I will look up the science, top athletic advice and every fortnight send out a newsletter with the most pressing questions. Whilst I train for the Deca Ironman there is no point preaching all the time – you might not want to run 10 marathons in ten days – and I will use the suggestions I have picked up over the years from Olympic athletes, senior sport scientist, top national coaches to comprehensive answer your question. You don’t think I would attempt a Deca with no experience, did you? Oh and don’t worry in the next 2 weeks I will be setting up a YouTube page so you can see first hand the pain on this end.

Great article on pain tolerance and psychology in laymanpsych.com

Great article on pain tolerance and psychology in laymanpsych.com

Thing #2

This blog is a resource for athletes interested in training for their next endurance sports challenge. It is also a unique commentary on this sub-culture of ultra distance sport which quite frankly your colleagues at work might not understand. Finally it is a way for me to share my own research efforts in cardiac damage through endurance sport and see who might be interested. It’s all done in my free time, that’s right no money in the post.

So if there is an article you enjoyed or perhaps know someone that might like to join the newsletter, please share, tweet, Facebook it to them. Perhaps in the next few weeks we will get some of the cycling magazines to answer your questions as well.

'Endurance' means all sorts of races

‘Endurance’ means all sorts of races

So there you have it, a blog for you, the reader, to give your feedback. And don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter, after all I know you are busy and have a million different items vying for your attention every day. The newsletter – HERE – provides a nice roundup of the last two weeks stuff, advice that you don’t want to slip through the cracks. That’s why you should subscribe to it.

Look forward to your questions!