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Cycling tips‘The Beauty of Cycling’ – With 27,000 followers this site is

Alongside race results, interviews with procyclists and articles on cycling history, you will receive informative & unique commentary on what’s new in sports science. One of my favourite recent posts was ‘Oxygen in a pill – The next big thing in sports doping?’ or Inner Ring provides news, commentary, analysis and chat to avid procyclists or seasoned competitors. For me, the site provided great background reading for a brief commentary on the Hour Record and the use of Big Data in Procycling through its comprehensive review of the Hour Record in the 21st Century. However you will also find book reviews, for example At Speed by Mark Cavendish, and a look at some of the best roads to ride in Europe, eg. Alp d’Huez, Mount Ventoux, Stelvio etc. I particularly like its quote:

‘Cycling is one of the few sports to take place in the real world. Roads are sporting arenas, mountains are turned into venues.’

velovoices‘Many voices, one passion – Pro cycling for fans by fans’ – In the website’s own words:

‘What makes us different is that this blog is about sharing both our personal experiences and viewpoints. Whether it is exclusive interviews with those who participate in or are involved with the sport, or articulating our passion and thinking about the latest events and issues, we aim to tell it the way we see it. No political agendas, no PR spin, no jaded cynicism – just straight-up, honest opinion.We cover all aspects of the sport of professional cycling, with a particular focus on men’s road racing.’ Particular highlights that make this blog unique on this list is Tweets of the weekTalking tactics and Antbanter – which is basically the lad’s banter you more oftenly find in FHM but just applied to the sport we love; [insert quote]

It’s been an eventful few weeks, which has included a time trial in a safari park, a Worlds road race that Noah should have entered, and a guy nearly as old as Noah winning the Vuelta!’

CyclismasCyclismas is exactly what it says on the tin – ‘A fresh take on cycling news & commentary’. The blog is filled with a variety of media ‘challenging conventional cycling wisdom with a wide variety of voices’. This includes videos such as Cyclocross World Championship or exclusive interviews at the TdF – podcasts, race photography [I love the dirt and grim of the cyclocross coverage] and witty commentary posts.

VelonationWhen it comes to cycling communities and networking forums, is a fantastic resource. As you would expect from an active cycling forum, there is questions and discussion on everything from gear advice, race experience, getting started to ‘The Dark Side’ aka doping in the sport. In the world of Strava and online competition the blog also mixes news reports with Ride Mapping applications (basically you can share your rides) and you can see the editors are trying to make a one stop shop for all your cycling needs. Last but not least we have VeloTV with welcome coverage not just of the big pro races such as the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under but also big spectacles such as Ireland’s toughest stage race – An Post Ras.

Finally because I love the tongue in cheek commentary on topics in procycling, I am going to add a 6th website – Crankpunk


We have a whole list of contributors to this site which catches the eye –

Shane Stokes, editor of Velonation. Shane is a prolific journalist who travels the world covering races and interviewing just abut anyone and everyone connected to the top tier of the sport.

Betsy Andreu. Wife of former pro and one time teammate of Lance Armstrong, Frankie Andreu, Betsy has been at the forefront of the fight to expose doping in the sport for several years.

Dr. Conor McGrane. Conor was one of the original authors of The Pat McQuaid File, the document that led to an extraordinary meeting of the member clubs that led to Cycling Ireland rejecting McQuaid’s re-election as President of Cycling Ireland.

– Cam Whiting, the man behind the highly-respected website CyclingIQ.

– Cillian Kelly, of the Irish Peloton website and Velocast, the well-known cycling podcast. Cillian is another vocal advocate of clean cycling.

– Tim Renowden, a business analyst with a passion for cycling that led him into cycling journalism. Tim is a regular contributor to the cycling section on The Roar.

– Kate Smart, a sports journalist and also a regular contributor to The Roar.

– Not to mention the sites founder, Lee Rodgers

But alongside all its serious bike race reviews like the Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge 2013 we have bust your gut laughing videos and posts. Not to mention there is some serious investigative journalism, i.e.

They found Quintana's brother

They found Quintana’s brother

Not to mention I have been told by several reliable sources that they can make you into a pro with their coaching in Singapore – see here for more details

Make sure you check out the sites listed – they are all excellent references and very interesting reading when your boss is not looking in the office – but it doesn’t stop there. Cyclingreporter – which was founded by a Senior Online Editor for Bicycling Magazine – is an interesting reference to bike racing in New York City but is also an encyclopedia for cycling blogs out there (as you will see on the right hand side of the website). Let me know what blogs I should have included!

Love the pain. Evans photo knicked from the lads at crankpunk.......

Love the pain. Evans photo knicked from the lads at crankpunk…….

Interested in cycling and endurance sport? Wonder what it takes to do a Deca Ironman?

‘Pain and misery love company’  – Just to reference your last epic training session.

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