Dear Lance, Deca Ironman for Livestrong

No fancy photos in this one. Just a simple letter readers.

Dear Lance,

This letter is not addressed to the media, public, or world of cycling. I hope you can appreciate the need for it to be open, public, ‘up on a blog’ – you can be quite a hard man to reach. Maybe, just maybe this will get in front of you from a friend, Livestrong, or a cyclist in the local club; if so please take the time to think over it & drop a confidential email to me if you like.

When I finish the Deca Ironman I may well get a tattoo that reads – ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ – as I was always reminded by my coach, ‘if you ever manage to pull this off,remember this isn’t about a book,website,interview, it is about two things. 1 – completing the goals you set for yourself and 2. Along the way maybe help some people’. Now whatever has gone on over the last few months or years if you want to raise money for charity, I think people will admire an event in which the outcome isn’t certain, something which could even be harder than the Tour. No crowds, no route markers, just a small support crew and maybe a few tweets. The effort will say enough.

I start the Deca Ironman challenge at the Celtman triathlon in Scotland on 28th June and then follow the route of the Tour in Yorkshire. I think this will remind people that you are proud to put yourself out there and raise money for Livestrong.

Now I appreciate some people will think this letter foolish, day dreaming, perhaps an effort to bring up my own public image. Frankly I couldn’t give a monkeys. I do the Deca Ironman to remind myself when I am old & grey that I stayed hungry, stayed foolish. I think if you would like to join me – no doubt you will finish up the road before me – then that would be pretty cool for cancer supporters, charities and will raise a lot of money for a good cause. And in the end that is all that matters.

Feel free to read away at the blog. You will see that my charities are for sports injuries – injured rugby players and head injuries – something which I am very close to, but perhaps yourself or a friend would like to join me on behalf of Livestrong.

Thank you for your time

Nick Longworth

[For those reading this and know of people that may like to take up the challenge – whether they are athletes who can move the fundraising wheels or just keen sports people like me – feel free to share. You can always drop me a line @NWlongworth or leave a comment below. I’m sorry if you think this is a stunt, Armstrong is a keen triathlete and perhaps he would be keen. ]