Top 10 inspiring cycling/triathlon videos for training

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Videos to help hide the pain, I mean improve your progress!

A focused indoor cycling session, such as those provided by Athlete Lab in Singapore/Sydney/London, is not complete without something for you to block out the pain, grit your teeth & get a new personal best! When I mean something, I mean an inspirational – motivational – stimulating video feed which allows you to push past the last marker you set.

Motivational video help your performance. Fact.

Plus it is better than staring at a wall in the gym while you beast it on the spin bike – there is definitely one or two videos that I can weirdly recall all the worlds off by heart like a robot!

And of course there is nothing like a short sharp video to remind you on why you set that alarm for 5am (after most likely coming in at 2am on a Friday night) to go out and torture yourself on the bike.

So to save time on your little crack of dawn search on YouTube I have put together 10 of the best to help you out of bed. You may want to add this page to your favourites so you don’t have to think at 5:30am!

It’s a mix of cycling intensive videos with a healthy dose of just plain universally appealing motivational footage. Enjoy.

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