Replies from the web – Are you a serious cyclist?

[Does this video sum up the list on being a ‘serious’ cyclist?]

Between the dedicated cycling forums, twitter and facebook feeds there were some great suggestions to add to the ‘serious cyclist’ list from yesterday.

These definitely should have been on the original list! Thanks for all your comments, these are ‘seriously’ fantastic! (I did a little bit of editing just to make them fit in a list)

No this is not my dad, it is an image from, check them out

No this is not my dad, it is an image from, check them out

1. When your wife starts a holiday conversation with the words:

“We could just go to Italy for a holiday, without it having to include a bike ride there”.

She might as well have said that in Italian, it would have made more sense to you.

2.  When you call out sick two days in a row to ride after crappy weather

3. You sit at work wishing you could get paid half that much to ride 40 hours a week instead

Better than any fancy restaurant in the West End

Better than any fancy restaurant in the West End

4. You pester the surgeon/doctor about how long you will need to be off the bike. You may actually seek out a medical professional who rides a bike and who cares.

5. The garage is for bikes, not cars and is more secure than Fort Knox

6. When your colleagues are worried about you cycling home for 15 miles at night, in December, in slight rain. Bless them.


7. Even though all the normal people think you are skinny, you damn well that you are too fat for this sport.

8. You ride on the drops even when going shopping.

9. You can’t see a cyclist in the distance without trying to catch up with them.

10. When on the weekends you plan your rides first and then let your family figure out the rest.

I just can't bring myself to do it!

I just can’t bring myself to do it!

11. You shave your legs.

12. You used to have a list of hobbies but cycling erased them all.

13. When you ride your bike to the new car dealership to make sure your bike fits in the hatch before you buy the car.

14. When you don’t consider being a cyclist until you ride a 40km time trial in under 1 hour.

15. You finish a 4 hour hammerfest, get home and ask wife/friends to go for a ride with you in the afternoon.

16. Finally you end some post drinking philosophical ‘debating’ (like the ones you have in college to look intelligent to your hot room-mate or just to be argumentative) with the HG Wells quote:

‘Whenever I see someone riding a bicycle, I feel there’s hope for humanity’.

Next Sky Team photo format?

Next Sky Team photo format?