We are cyclists. Everyone else rides a bike. 20 ways you know you are serious


This pain is totally normal

With all the pain and progress being made at Athlete Lab I was wondering if I could be a ‘serious’ cyclist now….what makes you a serious cyclist? Let me know if I missed anything below, don’t want to ask my mates on facebook, they could realise I was a bit cycling obsessed!

1. You forget all the pain, tears, headwinds, bitter cold, rubbish road surfaces and punishing hills by bedtime after a long morning ride, and start dreaming about the next ride.

2. You can never get to work before 8:00am, but have no problem in getting up (and going to bed early) for a 5:30am ride. This situation may also lead to you being smug in your own head as you leave the pub earlier and start dreaming about the beast of a ride tomorrow.

Paul Smith's racing jersey's from www.wildpigs.it. Quite impressive!

Paul Smith’s racing jersey’s from http://www.wildpigs.it. Quite impressive!

3. You have more cycling jerseys than work shirts. You are proud of this fact.

4. Whenever anybody mentions distance you immediately think of how long it would take to cycle it. You also mutter hush judgement on anyone that complains on the effort of a 3 hour drive.

Perhaps a little too expensive this one. World's lightest bike - 6lb - it costs $45,000!

Perhaps a little too expensive this one. World’s lightest bike – 6lb – it costs $45,000!

5. Your bike is worth more than your car and yet you are looking for another one, because that is your commuter one.

6. You think about each hill profile as a cyclist, even when you are driving in a car.

Adventure blog7. There is nothing odd about having bikes in your living room, no matter how many times it is explained to you. Additionally 8/10s of all washing you do involves cycling gear.


8. You diet to raise your weight to power ratio

9. You ride on a dedicated indoor cycling trainer not to stay fit but to maximize your workouts in the mad brawl of modern life


10. You find out you are going to have a child and the first thing you think about is how you will schedule your rides to avoid divorce.

11. You work out whether your holiday destination is near a category 1-2 cycling hill and whether you will get away with bringing your bike in the luggage. Will your girlfriend even notice?


12. When camping your bike stays with you in the tent.

Dominic Gill tandem

13. Your boss shouts out you in work…..you grin…..you know that on a bike he would be no match

14. You complain that domestic chores are too much effort and argue the case for a maid. All this as you escape the dwelling on your bike for a century ride.

15. You spend the evening in a mood because you wimped out on pushing harder on your FTP session

16. As long as you can get your dream bike, you are making enough money. Notably when you go shopping with the girlfriend you always excuse yourself and make a break for the closest bike store.

Your appreciation for fine art narrows a tad also

Your appreciation for fine art narrows a tad also

17. Your social calendar works around your ride calendar/training schedule.

18. Beer always tastes better after a ride.

19. No matter how productive a day has been, it is second to one in which you have achieved a good ride.

20. As long as you are going faster on the bike who cares that you have smaller arms than your little sister.


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