Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Competing in Deca Ironman to demonstrate cardiac damage from (ultra) endurance sport

I must admit balancing training, full time work, starting up a website and perhaps the occasional bit of social life has been a little tricky. However, this is not to make excuses and… Continue reading

5 Epic endurance charity challenges that went viral

Yesterday there was alot of press on 3 friends taking a Barclays ‘Boris Bike’ on a trip from London to Mont Ventoux, a gruelling 6,273ft peak in the French Alps, and returned it with… Continue reading

Replies from the web – Are you a serious cyclist?

[Does this video sum up the list on being a ‘serious’ cyclist?] Between the dedicated cycling forums, twitter and facebook feeds there were some great suggestions to add to the ‘serious cyclist’ list… Continue reading

12 Bike Rides to Do Before You Die #Cyclingbucketlist

This is ladies and gentlemen, why I torture myself for an hour, maybe 2, in the state of the art cycling studio – Athlete Lab after a long day of week on Friday night… Continue reading

We are cyclists. Everyone else rides a bike. 20 ways you know you are serious

With all the pain and progress being made at Athlete Lab I was wondering if I could be a ‘serious’ cyclist now….what makes you a serious cyclist? Let me know if I missed anything below,… Continue reading

Bike vs Drone vs Lorry – Which is the quickest delivery method?

I suppose this is a little call out to Amazon, Google and who else is sending these mini motors up into the sky; and well of course the producers in Top Gear and… Continue reading

Cycling is not just something you do at the weekend: 5 days of midweek training showdowns

Why and how midweek training sessions are vital to drive up your cycling ability [Don’t tell your mate on facebook, this will make you better!] As your pounding legs under the office desk… Continue reading

How social media comments can support funding for a unique Triathlon conference

Dear Readers, Thank you for all your views, comments and shares over the last two weeks. I look forward to updating you on my Deca Ironman training as we enter the New Year… Continue reading

Why indoor cycling is winning Kona, Tour de France & Olympic gold medals

[Mark Cavendish & Pete Kennaugh smashing it in indoor training] How effective is indoor equipment; indoor focused sessions in a cyclist’s training arsenal? Trainers, gym instructors, your mum always pipe on about the… Continue reading

An open letter to riders considering the World Cycle Race

Ladies & Gentleman, if you want a bigger bike race, find a bigger planet. Quite frankly today I felt quite inspired by the tales of the 5th rider to join this fantastic endeavor.… Continue reading